2018 Belgian Grand Prix

4 days, 14 hours, 5 minutes and 2 seconds

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Free practice 1 Friday 5th August, 9am UTC

Free practice 2 Friday 5th August, 1pm UTC

Free practice 3 Saturday 6th August, 10am UTC

Qualifying Saturday 6th August, 1pm UTC

Race Sunday 0th August, 1pm UTC

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Bratches Wants Premier League Football Levels Of Unpredictability In F1

F1's commercial director Sean Bratches agrees with Alonso's critique of a predictable F1, and thinks F1 could do with the odd upset

On This Day In F1 - Formula 1 Has Its First Taste Of Turkey

A look back at what happened on 21 August in Formula 1 history

Pierre Gasly Joins Red Bull Racing For 2019

Verstappen vs Gasly will be a fascinating battle next season

This Driver Had A Seriously Lucky Escape In This Incredibly Scary Crash

This accident in Argentina's Formula Metropolitan series could have been much, much worse

Ricciardo: Race Weekends Need To Be Shorter If The Calendar Gets Longer

Daniel Ricciardo has said that if more races get added to the calendar then drivers need to have fewer demands placed upon them throughout a race week

On This Day In F1 - Renault Decides Not To Change Its Driver Line-Up

A look back at what happened on 20 August in Formula 1 history

Both Toyotas Have Been Excluded From The 6 Hours Of Silverstone

Rebellion wins in the WEC at Silverstone after both Toyotas were excluded post-race

Wickens 'Awake And Alert' After Terrifying IndyCar Crash

The Canadian was airlifted to hospital after a horrible airborne crash at Pocono

Verstappen Says The Rise Of Esports Can Benefit F1 Drivers

Max Verstappen has praised the increasing prominence of esports in Formula 1 and motorsport and explained how sim racers can help F1 drivers

Is There Any Truth To Alonso's Reasons For Leaving F1?

Fernando Alonso recently gave his reasoning for leaving Formula 1 - does he make valid points, or is he just making excuses?

On This Day In F1 - Michael Schumacher And Ferrari Have A Wild Party

A look back at what happened on 19 August in Formula 1 history

Raikkonen Is Confused By Nico Rosberg's Decision To Become A Pundit

Kimi Raikkonen "cannot understand" some of the decisions Nico Rosberg has made since retiring

I Wouldn't Be Where I Am Now In My Career Without Red Bull - Vergne

Although his F1 career didn't work out, Jean-Eric Vergne has praised the Red Bull system for providing him with what has become a very successful career

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