The Red Bull Livery Is A Modern Classic And Doesn’t Need Changing

We’ve been treated to four car launches so far this season, but some teams have decided to stick with the same livery design in 2021. WTF1 Founder Tom Bellingham believes one team in particular is running a livery that will go down as iconic in decades to come, partly thanks to it staying the same […]

Here Are All The 2021 F1 Car Launch Dates So Far

It can often feel like the winter break lasts forever. However, F1 car launch season is HERE. With all of these probably being hosted online due to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve already set our expectations super high—no pressure guys.

It Looks Like Aston Martin Could Have A Green And Pink Livery This Year

It’s finally been confirmed that the BWT logo will remain on the Aston Martin cars – formally Racing Point – giving us fans hope of an awesome ‘watermelon’ inspired livery. We can dream, right?

Romain Grosjean Is Back Behind The Wheel Of A Race Car For IndyCar Test

When Romain Grosjean announced his return to racing with IndyCar for 2021, everyone was excited but nervous for the F1 star. He might be mightily experienced, with 180 F1 starts to his name, but we feared his racing career had come to an abrupt end after his horror Bahrain Grand Prix crash last year.

Perez Has Shown Off His New Red Bull Helmet Design

With a new challenge ahead him at Red Bull, Sergio Perez have revealed his new racing helmet and it’s a stunner. Embracing the Red Bull and Honda logos across the lid, the neon yellow colour used so much in his younger F1 career is back and with a bang!

As We All Expected The 2021 Red Bull Livery Is Pretty Much The Same

Red Bull has become the fourth F1 team to reveal their livery for the 2021 season and suprise, it’s almost identical to the 2020 design. *pretends to be shocked*

Fans Had Some Hilarious Reactions To The Eurovision-Style Alfa Romeo Launch

Despite revealing one of the best liveries we have seen in a long while – seriously, it looks stunning – F1 fans were quick to point out the rather unusual nature of the Alfa Romeo launch; ballerinas, grand pianos and all. Here are some of our favourites from social media.

Alfa Romeo Invert Their Livery For 2021 And It Looks Awesome

It’s time for another 2021 livery reveal, and this time it’s the turn of Alfa Romeo. The C41 was revealed to have almost an inverted livery to 2020, with new red sidepods rather than the white that could previously be found on the car.

Lando Says He Would Be Up For Doing A Podium Shoey With Ricciardo

Ah, everyone’s favourite podium tradition; taking off your sweaty racing boot and filling it with warm champagne to drink. Sounds gross? That’s because it is! However, this “shoey” routine has become a well-known celebration for the resident Aussie on the F1 grid.

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