2018 Russian Grand Prix

8 days, 1 hour, 11 minutes and 51 seconds

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Free practice 1 Friday 5th September, 8am UTC

Free practice 2 Friday 5th September, 12pm UTC

Free practice 3 Saturday 6th September, 9am UTC

Qualifying Saturday 6th September, 12pm UTC

Race Sunday 0th September, 11am UTC

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Wolff Explains Why Mercedes' Young Driver Programme Is At A Crossroads

There is very little room for sentiment in Formula 1, but it isn't emotional attachment that makes Ocon's situation rubbish, it's the rejection of his obvious talent

On This Day In F1 - Jacques Villeneuve Pulled Off A Ridiculous Overtake

A look back at what happened on 22 September in Formula 1 history

Verstappen Believes Honda Will Help Realise The Potential Of "The Best Car In The Field"

Max Verstappen reckons Red Bull already has the best car on the grid and that things will only get better with Honda power

Relax With 20 Minutes Of Onboard Footage From Niki Lauda's Ferrari at Laguna Seca

From the sound of the flat-12 engine to the undulating nature of Laguna Seca, there's something very mesmerising about it

This Video Explains Why Pit Stops In Super Formula Are So Unusual

Super Formula mechanics often need to perform some acrobatics during a pit stop by vaulting over the front of the car - here's why

8 Of The Most Memorable Montoya Vs Schumacher Moments

A look back at some of the most memorable F1 battles between Juan Pablo Montoya and Michael Schumacher

Red Bull Is Going Back To An Older Power Unit For The Next Race

The decision has been made largely due to the intermittent issues Max Verstappen experienced in Singapore

On This Day In F1 - A Formula 1 Race Gets Red-Flagged For The First Time

A look back at what happened on 19 September in Formula 1 history

Jenson Button's First Super GT Win Was Almost Spoiled By A Course Car On Track

Jenson Button had a bit of a shock when he came across a course car on the final lap of the Super GT race at Sugo

On This Day In F1 - Nico Rosberg Takes Probably His Best Win

A look back at what happened on 18 September in Formula 1 history

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