2017 Chinese Grand Prix

11 days, 7 hours, 30 minutes and 23 seconds

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Free practice 1 Thursday 4th April, 3am UTC

Free practice 2 Friday 5th April, 7am UTC

Free practice 3 Saturday 6th April, 5am UTC

Qualifying Saturday 6th April, 8am UTC

Race Sunday 0th April, 7am UTC

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Hamilton Says Title Challenge From Vettel is Bigger Than Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton feels a Formula 1 title fight with Sebastian Vettel will be more challenging than his championship battles with Nico Rosberg.

Watch Ferrari Celebrate Vettel's Victory From The Pit Wall

A fan managed to capture the Ferrari team's reaction as Vettel crossed the line to win the opening race of the year.

Angry Toto Wolff Is Being Remixed Everywhere

Yep, the Mercedes boss banging on his desk in Melbourne has become a meme.

Watch The Melbourne Track Invasion From Vettel's Onboard

Here's Sebastian Vettel dodging fans on the parade lap of the Australian Grand Prix.

How Much Do You Remember About The 2017 Australian Grand Prix?

Formula 1 is back in action but how closely were you paying attention to the Australian Grand Prix weekend?

8 Embarrassing Fails From David Coulthard’s F1 Career

The 27 March 2017 marks David Coulthard’s 46th birthday, so we thought we’d look back at the biggest fails of his Formula 1 career.

Vettel And Hamilton Are Both Relishing A Potential F1 Title Battle

Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton say they would both relish a close potential battle for the Formula 1 title.

The F1 Drivers Have Spoken Out About Overtaking Difficulties

Following the Australian Grand Prix some of the drivers have spoken out about how difficult it is to overtake under the new regulations.

An Investigation Has Begun Into The Cool Down Lap Crowd Invasion

We thought fans streaming onto the track during the Australian Grand Prix cool down lap was a bit odd and it’s now being investigated.

Alonso Thinks McLaren Are Last In F1's Pecking Order

Fernando Alonso spent most of the Australian Grand Prix within the top 10 but says McLaren would’ve been last on car performance alone.

12 Dramatic Moments From The 2017 Australian GP

Formula 1 is officially back, with the 2017 season getting underway in Melbourne, Australia.

Ricciardo Had Probably The Worst Australian GP Possible

Daniel Ricciardo’s bad luck at his home race continued in 2017, with a miserable start to the new Formula 1 season.

Turn 11 Fan Video Proves The Ridiculous Speeds Of F1’s New Cars

A fan captured Formula 1’s new cars at the fast Turn 11/12 chicane in Australia and they look amazingly quick.

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