2017 Malaysian Grand Prix

5 days, 15 hours, 45 minutes and 18 seconds

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Free practice 1 Friday 5th September, 2am UTC

Free practice 2 Friday 5th September, 6am UTC

Free practice 3 Saturday 6th September, 6am UTC

Qualifying Saturday 6th September, 9am UTC

Race Sunday 0th October, 7am UTC

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McLaren Junior Lando Norris Is Already A Meme Following His F3 Crash

A shot of a dejected looking Lando Norris following a crash in Formula 3 this weekend has been given the meme treatment

Aston Martin Will Be Red Bull's Title Sponsor From 2018

The British company is increasing its involvement with Red Bull, going from a mere partner to a full on title sponsor

Villeneuve Reckons Toro Rosso Taking Honda Engines Could Spell The End For The Team

The 1997 champion says that Toro Rosso is taking a "big gamble" as it could seriously affect the future of the team

An LMP2 Car Flipped Over After Hitting A Tyre Barrier At Pouhon

Andrea Roda's race early when he dropped his Ligier LMP2 car at the super-fast Pouhon corner in the European Le Mans Series race at Spa

Watch Carlos Sainz Race An Offroad Kart Against Carlos Sainz

Find out who wins in an offroad battle between father and son

Hamilton Isn't Interested In Trying To Beat Schumacher's Title Record

Lewis Hamilton has said that trying to get near Schumacher's record of seven championships isn't going to affect the way he goes about the rest of his career

Watching A Spin At Laguna Seca's Corkscrew Through Visor Cam Is Exactly As Terrifying As You Think

This visor cam footage from a Formula Junior race at last months Monterey Motorsports Reunion captured not only some awesome racing, but also a spin at one of motorsports scariest corners

Formula 1 Is Actually Going To Put an Entire Race On Its YouTube Channel

Fans are being asked to vote on their favourite Malaysian Grand Prix and the winning race will be able to watch in full online

A School Bus Somehow Got Onto The Track During A US F4 Race

A round of the US Formula 4 championship at COTA had to be red-flagged after a school bus found its way on to the circuit

An Exhaust Microphone Is Being Developed To Make F1 Cars Sound Louder On TV

Formula 1 commercial manager Sean Bratches has said the sport is working on a way to make the sport more visceral for fans at home

F1 Teams Will Be Allowed To Use Current Cars In Demo Events From Next Year

The FIA has relaxed the sporting regulations, allowing teams to use more up-to-date machinery in demonstration events from 2018

That Time Villeneuve Passed Schumacher Around The Outside At Estoril

On this day in 1996, Jacques Villeneuve pulled off one of the all-time great overtaking moves

F1 Grid Penalties Could Get Even Worse In 2018

The FIA has confirmed that it's reducing the number of components teams are allowed to use next year by even more

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