Verstappen Explains What Made Him Push Ocon In Parc Fermé

Max Verstappen has said that Esteban Ocon's attitude pushed him over the edge and caused him to lash out after the race

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Verstappen Forced To Do 'Public Service' As Punishment For Shoving Ocon In Parc Fermé

The stewards have decided that Max Verstappen will have to spend two days giving "public service" on behalf of the FIA as a result of pushing Esteban Ocon after the race

Ocon Slams Verstappen's Post-Race Actions As "Violent And Unprofessional"

Esteban Ocon has spoken out about his altercation with Max Verstappen in parc fermé, saying his behaviour is "not right"

Horner Says Ocon Was "Lucky To Get Away With A Push" For Ruining Verstappen's Race

Christian Horner has backed his driver for reacting physically to Esteban Ocon after the race