This F2 Crash Shows Why The Halo Is Definitely A Good Thing

A collision between Nirei Fukuzumi and Tadasuke Makino looked pretty innocuous at first, but turned out to be a perfect example of how well the Halo can work

Toto Wolff Thinks Claims That Pirelli Is Favouring Mercedes Are "Bollocks"

Toto Wolff has waved away claims that Pirelli introduced a modified tyre for the Spanish Grand Prix in order to benefit Mercedes

Grosjean Will Have A Grid Penalty In Monaco For Causing The Spanish GP Collision

Stewards have given the Haas driver a three-place penalty for triggering the crash at the start of the Spanish Grand Prix

Here's Why Ricciardo Ended Up So Far Behind His Teammate In The Spanish GP

It wasn't shown on the live broadcast, but a moment for Daniel Ricciardo during the Virtual Safety Car explains why he ended up so far behind his teammate

Mercedes Takes A Comfortable 1-2 As Hamilton Dominates The Spanish GP

Nobody could get near Lewis Hamilton as he completely destroyed his rivals on the way to his second victory of the season

Hulkenberg Slams Grosjean For Triggering The Crash At The Start Of The Spanish GP

As you'd expect, Nico Hulkenberg wasn't too happy with being taken out of the race by a spinning Romain Grosjean

A Young McLaren Fan Was Seen Cheering On TV And Got To Meet Alonso

Fernando Alonso was so impressed with a young McLaren fan's support during qualifying he made an effort to get him into the paddock

Hamilton And Vettel Aren't Happy That Next Year's Cars Will Be Slower

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel had some pretty strong words to say about the decision to slow down the cars next year to improve overtaking

Bernie Ecclestone Paid Over €4 Million For Senna's Final Monaco-Winning McLaren

The McLaren MP4/8 Ayrton Senna used to win the 1993 Monaco Grand Prix has been bought by none other than Bernie Ecclestone

IndyCar Had To Red Flag A Session Because Of Geese

Morning warm-up for the IndyCar Grand Prix at Indianapolis was interrupted when a gaggle of geese decided to get up close to the action

Alonso Thinks There's A Downside To McLaren's Improvements This Weekend

Despite improvements to the McLaren this weekend, Fernando Alonso is still a bit downbeat that the top three teams are still so far ahead

It's An All Mercedes Front Row In Spain As Hamilton Pips Bottas To Pole

Lewis Hamilton scored his second pole position of the season in an unusual qualifying session which saw teams and drivers unsure of which tyres were fastest

Ferrari's Crazy Halo Mirrors Have Been Banned For The Next Race

Ferrari rocked up in Spain with the mirrors attached to the Halo and sprouting a couple of winglets, but the FIA has told the team it has to get rid of them for the next round in Monaco

Vettel Claims Pirelli Changed The Tyres To Suit Mercedes And Red Bull

Following some blistering issues in testing Pirelli has made a change to the tyres, which Sebastian Vettel believes was done at the request of two rival teams

Watch Bottas Drive An F1 Car On Italian Roads

Valtteri Bottas took the 2016 Mercedes W07 for a spin through the Italian countryside as part of the ceremony for winning the Lorenzo Bandini Trophy