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WTF1 Clubhouse 2023 Terms and Conditions of booking/Refund policy:

  1. If you cancel your booking within 48 hours of your order, you are entitled to a full refund.
  2. If you cancel your booking 28 days or more prior to the date our campsite opens for the event we will refund the booking fee that you have paid subject to levy by us of a cancellation fee of 10%. No refund will be given if you cancel your booking 28 days or less prior to our campsite opening.
  3. If in the case of an epidemic or pandemic, the UK government enforces COVID rules and restrictions that mean that the event/camping is cancelled then we will roll over the booking and payment to the same event the following year. There will also be an alternative option to have a credit to use in the two years following if this is more convenient.
  4. In the best tradition of good practice, reasonable behaviour towards fellow campers and staff is expected at all times. Fellow campers must not be disturbed in any way. We reserve the right to terminate with immediate effect the stay of anyone who is behaving irresponsibly. Those people will be required to leave our campsite immediately. We will have no further responsibility toward those individuals including any return travel arrangements. No refunds will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.
  5. If you place a booking and the race date changes prior to 31st December 2022 then you will be entitled to a full refund if the new date is no longer convenient.
  6. If adverse circumstances result in us cancelling your booking at any time, a full refund of deposit and/or camping fees will be made. We will not accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected, or you otherwise suffer any loss or damage due to circumstances that come under the definition of force majeure. Force majeure means any event that we or the supplier of the services in question could not foresee or avoid even with all due care.

– Act of God including tempest, fire, or natural disaster;
– War, civil war, sabotage or act of terrorism;
– Government sanction, embargo, import or export regulation or order;
– Labour disputes, including strikes, lockouts, boycotts or other industrial action
– Failure in the transportation of equipment, machinery or personnel or in the provision of any utility including power, gas, water, or communication services;
– or any event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of a Party

Other than these conditions stated, this booking will be non-refundable.

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