F1 Live 2017


F1® invited WTF1 to the first ever F1 LIVE event in London to bring all of the action to millennial F1® fans around the world.


There were two main approaches taken:

1. In-moment coverage

We covered the event live on WTF1’s social channels, including a pit lane walk on Instagram Live where fans could get virtual access to a restricted area of the event and interact with us in real time.

Regular posts on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels throughout the day meant that fans got a real behind-the-scenes look at the celebrations.

2. Post event coverage

We positioned F1 Live London as the back drop for social discussion around the potential for a London street circuit replacing Silverstone as the home of the British GP.

A YouTube video as well as social cuts

Then it was time to have some fun with the drivers…

Drivers have to do a lot of interviews and attend numerous press events over the course of a season. It’s all part of the job, of course, but they definitely aren’t the most fun these guys have. This ultimately affects fan enjoyment of the sport.

At WTF1 we believe that it is possible to have a little fun in interviews, and getting the more human side out of these guys is what we like to think we’re pretty darn good at.

Just take a look at these happy faces:

So as part of our interviews, we thought we’d play a little game with the drivers and get some friendly competition going in prep for the British GP at Silverstone that upcoming weekend.

In light of events at the Austrian GP and Valteri Bottas’s questionable start, we thought we’d get some of the other drivers to test out their own reaction times via a popular game that we’d posted on wtf1.com.

Would they get anywhere close to Bottas’s time or would they jump start..?

Find out here:


The in-moment and additional video editorial coverage made sure that millions of millennial motorsport fans were exposed to F1 Live.