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10 Awesome F1 Onboards From The 1970s

A great way of looking back at past eras of Formula 1 and seeing just how far the sport has come is by taking a look at onboard videos.

Let's look back at F1 in the 70s...
Let’s look back at F1 in the 70s…

The 1970s was when Formula 1 really moved into a higher gear in terms of the speeds, technology and drama.

We had awesome storylines like James Hunt vs Niki Lauda and rapid advancements in aerodynamics and engine tech. It was a huge time for F1.

The cars were properly tough to drive too, which is perfectly proved with onboard footage and videos from the era.

The hills are alive

With the sound of a BRM V12 engine… beautiful! Here’s Clay Regazzoni lapping the old Österreichring (now the Red Bull Ring) back in 1973.

Mad Monaco

Allow Jackie Stewart to show just how tough Monaco is in the wet, especially way back in 1971 when cars had less downforce and were not as advanced as the F1 machines we see on track today.

It also goes to show how rapid Monaco has changed as a place, look how short the tunnel section is!

Street racing

Once Patrick Depailler left the pits at Long Beach in 1978, he was straight on the pace… awesome stuff!

Classic Monza

This 1978 onboard of Jacques Laffite during Italian GP practice shows just how much Monza has changed and how awesome F1 cars sounded at the time.

Slipping and sliding

Another Depailler onboard from his Tyrrell 008, this time a wet and wild few laps at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.

Short but sweet

How about a bit of footage from 1973, Ronnie Peterson’s Lotus at Monza. That sound!

Lapping Silverstone

Here’s Jean-Pierre Jabouille lapping Silverstone in the Renault RS10 from the 1979 Formula 1 season. He’s not pushing too hard, but it’s cool to watch nonetheless.

F1 in Sweden

Here’s an F1 hot lap from when the sport used to visit Sweden, with onboard footage of Mario Andretti in the awesome Lotus 79 from the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix. Nice!

Lauda on the attack

It definitely seems like 1978 was a good year for F1 onboards! Here’s Niki Lauda driving the Brabham BT46 (not the fan car, sadly, but still a beast) at Zolder. Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy!

Back in the Tyrrell

Here’s another Tyrrell 008 onboard, this time from Didier Pironi at the bonkers Watkins Glen circuit in the USA. Just from the steering wheel inputs and helmet movement, you can see how bumpy and tricky the track is.

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