10 Awesome Onboard F1 Videos From The 2000s

10 Awesome Onboard F1 Videos From The 2000s

We’ve taken a look at some incredible Formula 1 onboard videos from the 70s, 80s and 90s, but how about some more modern ones?

The hills are alive

Listen to the wonderful sound of a Benetton F1 car flying around the Red Bull Ring (then known as the A1 Ring) in 2000.

Maximum attack

The old Hockenheimring was a truly unique track, with long straights through the forests, tight chicanes and a twisty stadium section at the end. Watching Michael Schumacher lap it really is a joy.

Compilation time

OK, so this is a pretty long video. But, for good reason, because it’s basically a compilation of cool onboard clips and awesome V10 engine sounds from the 2002 season. Enjoy!

Nando in Montreal

Now let’s ride onboard with Fernando Alonso from the 2003 season, when he was champion-less and at Renault. Here he is at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve during the Canadian GP, hunting down the Williams in front.

Threading the needle

It wouldn’t be an epic onboard listicle without one from Monaco. Here’s Jarno Trulli’s pole lap from the 2004 race. Just listen to that noise… and the speeds of the cars are mightily impressive. He went on to win the race on Sunday. Also the blue and yellow livery NEEDS TO COME BACK.

Iceman at Spa

The 2004 F1 season wasn’t great for McLaren but Kimi Raikkonen really put together a great weekend in Belgium. Ride onboard as he laps the iconic Spa, and who remembers that classic camera break-up? Nostalgic.

V8s arrive

F1 entered a new era with the move to V8 engines for 2006. Here’s a load of onboards from round three in Australia, featuring Alonso almost hitting the back of Jenson Button’s BAR and some brave overtakes from the Iceman.

Clean lap for Massa

Silverstone is a punishing circuit, so getting a lap right there is tough. Here’s Felipe Massa attempting it in 2008, back when aero was going mental and Bridge was still a thing.

Massa’s qualifying lap may have gone well, but do you remember how he fared at the 2008 British GP? Lewis Hamilton dominated in the wet and Massa couldn’t stop spinning. Still, it went down to the wire in the championship anyway.

Push the Button

Brawn GP’s start to the 2009 season, with a new era of F1 rules, could well be the sport’s very own fairytale. From Honda pulling out of F1, to new owners and blowing everyone else away in winter testing. And then Button went and won the first race in Australia. Here’s onboard footage from that weekend, with the Brawn car looking absolutely on point.

Spa at speed

2009 brought wider front wings, narrower rear wings and a variety of other rule changes – including KERS (although only a few teams ran it). But, while the regs tried to take away downforce, teams kept on finding it.

Let’s conclude this piece with a great onboard lap of Spa with Giancarlo Fisichella, who took a surprise pole position for Force India and translated that into second place in the race. Nice work!