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10 Crazy F1 Mods For Grand Theft Auto V

The big, wide world of Grand Theft Auto V isn’t typically suited to Formula 1 cars, but that hasn’t stopped people from creating their own insane mods to bring F1 to the game.

From cars to entire seasons and race tracks, people have been letting their creativity loose on GTA V to take F1 to Los Santos. It’s pretty incredible. Here are some of the best mods out there:

Red Bull RB8

The supercars in GTA V are quite quick, but if you want something a little faster, there’s a Red Bull F1 car mod. It appears to be inspired by the Red Bull Racing RB8 with the weird stepped nose from 2012, and the number one on the nose indicates it’s Sebastian Vettel’s championship-winning machine.

The video also shows the RB8 can tackle the “mega ramp” and has the damage of a Codemasters F1 game.

Track and pit stop

This video features a mod for a race track and the Red Bull F1 car, even including a pit area. And as you’d expect, Franklin, Michael and Trevor all feature too. Warning: video includes many crashes.


How cool is this? There’s a mod for GTA V including all 22 F1 2016 cars – yep, from McLaren to Manor. Apparently the mod got a bit crashy for YouTuber Aarav but it looks pretty crazy, fast and super detailed too. The mod even features punctures! Madness.

Army vs Virgin Racing

Trying to invade the army base on GTA V is notoriously tricky. Does adding a Virgin Racing F1 car into the mix help? It didn’t start on the best note, but the backmarker proved pretty good at dodging the army (and the huge tanks).

Future of F1?

Remember that amazing Ferrari concept F1 car from a few years ago? Well someone put it in GTA V and the car looks insane. Again, I’m not sure what the person is saying in this video, but they seem to have taken the F1 track from earlier in this list and put the Ferrari F1 concept in it, and then had a race. Enjoy!

Manor goes off-road

Using the Manor F1 car from 2016, this video takes a look at just how easy (or difficult) it is to climb Mount Chiliad in GTA V. They didn’t go for the most simple route but the extra power definitely helped.

Lotus 49 vs Army

Fail Race has a regular GTA V video series, using different cars to try and escape the army. This one features a beautiful-looking classic Lotus 49, with red and white Gold Leaf livery as well. It’s just a shame the Lotus can’t seem to flip over.

Bahrain in GTA V

Yep, someone has created the Bahrain International Circuit in GTA V and the layout itself looks weirdly accurate.

Multiplayer F1

I have no clue what the people in the video are saying but the footage alone is pretty awesome. They seem to have got F1 mods into the online GTA V game for a multiplayer lobby, which is just as bonkers as a usual F1 game online race.

Ferrari F2012

When you’ve got a Red Bull RB8 mod, of course you have to have one for its closest rival too, the Ferrari F2012. It’s a slightly squished version of it, but like the RB8, it’s damn quick and looks awesome fun to drive.

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