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The 10 Most Disappointing Phrases In F1 Right Now

There are quite a few phrases we’ve become tired of hearing in Formula 1 after the last few seasons…

We hear a lot of annoying phrases in F1
We hear a lot of annoying phrases in F1

Whether it’s in F1 TV commentary, from the drivers or over team radio, a fair few phrases have come up over the years that we’re always instantly disappointed hearing.

If we could never hear these sentences again in F1, we’d be very happy indeed…

Kimi ain't happy
Kimi ain’t happy

“Lift and coast”

Ah, yes, the now famous “lift and coast”. It’s been in F1 for a while but has risen to prominence with the new hybrid power units. Basically, to save fuel, drivers lift off at the end of straights and coast into the braking zone, or through the corner. It’s already an annoying phrase, but the fact it limits flat-out racing makes it even more disappointing.



“Well managed”

This phrase usually follows a particularly dominant drive, or a dull race at the front, where the top two positions don’t change throughout. It also reflects on a driver not pushing flat out or to the limit and having to manage their race, fuel and component wise.


They didn't mind this phrase...
They didn’t mind this phrase…

“Mercedes front row lockout”

We’ve heard this one many, many times since the start of 2014. Mercedes has been the team to beat since then and both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have more often than not been on the front row at the same time, therefore a front row lockout. No more, please.


Will we keep hearing this in 2017?
Will we keep hearing this in 2017?

“Another victory for the Silver Arrows”

Mercedes’ incredible form from 2014-2016 yielded 51 wins in total, a staggering amount and one that produced that exact phrase many, many times. Hopefully this year we won’t hear it as much due to a variety of race winners.


“For sure”

The most used phrase in the F1 paddock, for sure. Uttered most commonly by the drivers in the media pen, there definitely needs to be a “for sure” counter at each race weekend.


Not impressed
Not impressed

“It is what it is”

No way. We can hardly believe it.


Another annoying phrase...
Another annoying phrase…

“The team did a great job”

Well, clearly not, because you finished 13th and didn’t score a point.


How angry has seeing these phrases made you?
How angry has seeing these phrases made you?

“We’ve got work to do”

This one is particularly annoying because everyone has work to do, so whether it’s a driver or team member, it’s just stating the obvious.


How hearing that phrase feels...
How hearing that phrase feels…

“Please hold back”/“Leave a gap”/ “Maintain position”

Basically, don’t overtake your team-mate, because we are giving out team orders and not allowing you to race. Thankfully we don’t hear this one that frequently but when we do, it’s infuriating.


No thanks!
No thanks!

“Take it easy”

This is one phrase we really don’t want to hear. “Push” or “go all out” is far more acceptable.


Nah, we’re just kidding. Long live Bwoah!

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