10 Modern Day F1 Liveries That Don't Suck

People are always looking back at iconic Formula One liveries of the past, so it’s easy to forget that there have been some pretty awesome designs in modern times too.

From Renault yellow and black to McLaren chrome and red, we’ve seen our fair share of eye-catching colour schemes over the last 10 years – here are our favourites:

Williams FW37

Martini’s white livery with red/blue stripes has added a touch of glamour and nostalgia to the F1 grid. It debuted in 2014 but arguably looked better on the 2015 car, the FW37.

Renault R26


The R26’s yellow and blue colours have now become iconic in F1 history, despite the car hitting the track just 10 years ago. Light blue and yellow look good as base colours but when they’re combined? Epic.

Red Bull RB12


Sure, the RB12’s actual colour scheme and design isn’t that different to recent Red Bulls, but it’s the matte finish that makes the livery really stand out and look pretty damn cool.

Renault R30


The R30 brought Renault’s classic yellow and black colour scheme back to F1 in style. It just looked badass, like a mean wasp flying down the track at speed.

McLaren MP4-27


The MP4-27 was not only a stunning car, but the chrome and red livery was beautifully done and looked super sophisticated.

Caterham CT03


The CT03 had the weird stepped nose design of the 2013 season, but the livery itself was pretty neat – a striking green, with splashes of yellow and black too.

Williams FW28

It wasn’t a great season for Williams on track, but at least the car looked good, right? The FW28’s navy blue matched well with the white. It just looked really classy. And we like classy.

Ferrari F2007


Ferrari’s classic red livery looks good on any F1 car, but the F2007 is arguably the most beautiful in recent years. The colour scheme (and the cool barcode design on the rear wing, to get around the cigarette sponsorship ban) complimented the car perfectly.

Mercedes W07

Probably a little controversial, as the base colour is pretty boring. But the splashes of Petronas green and dark grey/black give the elegant-looking W07 a splash of drama. It’s a smart colour scheme, that’s for sure.

Brawn BGP 001


Sometimes simplicity is the way forward. Brawn GP rose from the ashes of Honda with few sponsors and clutter, just a simple white livery with bright yellow and black accents. Boring? Some may think so. But sometimes a clean and straight forward livery can work wonders.