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10 Reasons Why F1 Will Suck In 2017 Without Jenson Button

After 17 consecutive Formula 1 seasons, one world title and 15 victories, Jenson Button is taking a break from the series in 2017.

And he might not ever come back to racing in F1, having said before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend started that he was thinks it will be his final race.

It’s been a long and successful career in F1, full of ups, downs, funny moments and heartwarming ones too. So, with no Button on the grid in 2017, he’s why F1 will be worse off without him:

He’s always up for a laugh

One thing we all know about Jenson is he’s a funny guy. He’s always cracking jokes and making sarcastic remarks. Never change, Jenson. Never change!

Is well liked by the other F1 drivers


Because who wouldn’t like Jenson? He’s got a good sense of humour and rarely gets angry or grumpy, so it’s hardly surprising he gets on well with a lot of drivers in F1. We wonder what goes on during those private jet flights home to Monaco!

Doesn’t take himself too seriously


You only have to see his Santander adverts to know Button doesn’t take himself too seriously. He doesn’t care what people think and is just up for a laugh.

His team radio messages are brilliant

There’s never a dull moment when Button comes onto team radio, whether it’s making a joke, having a moan about something or informing the team of a problem. But he always seems pretty cool and calm, unlike a few other drivers…

Loves a good prank

Whether it’s pranking people for a TV advert or putting on ridiculous masks on a flight home, Button certainly knows how to have a laugh and surprise people.

And is always good to interview

You never quite know what he’s going to say and even if things haven’t gone well, he’ll always give you a good few funny soundbites. And he makes the press conferences bearable to watch.

Always puts up a clean fight

Button is renowned for being a pretty clean racer. We rarely see him getting caught up in incidents, but he still isn’t afraid of going for overtakes and getting aggressive on the track.

He’s had some brilliant high points


Winning his first F1 race in 2006 at the Hungarian GP was a long time coming, while a terrible winter break after 2008 turned into a fairytale world title-winning season in 2009 and he’s had some wonderful moments at McLaren too. Until Honda joined the party, that is…

And tough low moments

From a difficult second season with Benetton, to his monster shunt at the 2003 Monaco GP and the ridiculously bad final two years with Honda before they pulled out of F1, it’s certainly been a roller-coaster ride for Button.

But he’s a damn talented driver

Known for his silky smooth steering movements, Button had to fight hard for his success but it all came together for him at Brawn GP and he continued the positive momentum through to McLaren. He’s also always been good in the wet conditions, probably thanks to growing up racing in the UK!

You’ll be missed on the F1 grid, Jenson. Thanks for all the good times!

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