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10 Things That Will Happen At Some Point In F1 2017

We don’t have long to wait until F1 2017 and there are definitely a few things we can expect to happen during the season.

Will Mercedes be the front-runners in 2017?
Will Mercedes be the front-runners in 2017?

There are a few themes that always seem to crop up during the F1 season, time and time again. So let’s take a look at some of the things that will no doubt happen in 2017:

Mercedes collision

The last few years have featured contact and clashes between the two Mercedes drivers on track. Nico Rosberg may have retired but if his replacement is a decent match for Lewis Hamilton, we’ll probably see an on-track collision at some point. It’d certainly add some spice to the season anyway, because Hamilton vs Rosberg was actually a pretty good storyline.

Social media controversy

Hamilton caused a stir with his Snapchat antics in 2016…

Whether its Snapchatting during a press conference or posting a bad joke on Twitter, there’ll definitely be some kind of social media controversy involving a F1 driver in 2017 – and it’ll be hyped up loads in the press and turned into a big thing.

Clumsy marshal

Let’s hope we don’t see a marshal running away from fast approaching F1 cars in Singapore, like in 2016. But the new season will definitely feature a clumsy marshal moment caught on camera.

Without marshals, F1 wouldn’t be able to happen. They do an awesome and much-appreciated job, but occasionally something funny involving one of them is captured on TV.

Animal on track

In 2016 the weirdest thing to run across an F1 track was a lizard. Whether we’ll beat that in 2017, that’s another matter. But we will definitely see some kind of funny animal make an appearance on the circuit and it’ll probably blow up on social media too.

Awkward podium interview

Awkward podium interview will no doubt happen in 2017

The F1 podium interview segment after the races sometimes works well. Other times, it definitely doesn’t. We should definitely expect more awkward podium interviews in 2017, especially if they keep bringing in celebrities to do it…

#PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe part three?

We saw part two of #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe in Brazil last year and with Fernando Alonso remaining at McLaren again (and possible reliability issues still likely), it’s safe to say part three could happen and we’d love to see another version of it too.

Maldonado appearance

Please come back...
Please come back…

We miss Pastor in F1. It’s not quite the same without him. But we saw him pop up at a race or two in 2016 and with Maldonado still looking to make a return to F1, we’ll hopefully (and probably) see him make an appearance at a few F1 races in 2017 too.


This will 100% happen. We’ll definitely hear Kimi Raikkonen saying “bwoah” at some point. For sure.

Unpredictable result

Maybe we'll see another first-time winner?
Maybe we’ll see another first-time winner?

With new regulations and plenty of movement on the F1 grid for 2017, it’s pretty safe to expect a few unpredictable and unusual results. It’d be great to see too, maybe Nico Hulkenberg will finally take a podium finish or maybe just someone other than Mercedes scoring a pole position.

Quicker lap times

We can't wait to see what the new F1 cars will look like!
We can’t wait to see what the new F1 cars will look like!

With new aero rules and wider tyres, F1 cars are expected to bring down lap times by a fair few seconds in 2017. That’ll make them quicker and more exciting to watch on track… we hope.

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