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10 Wild Moments From This Year’s Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival is a complete celebration of the racing machinery and culture from the famous circuit’s original stint hosting competitive events, the late 1940s to mid-1960s.

It completely takes visitors of the event back in time and gives spectators the chance to see some incredibly expensive and iconic race cars taking to the track and racing hard.

Thankfully, Goodwood shares loads of memorable moments from the event on YouTube. Here are some of the wildest (and most heart-breaking) moments from the 2017 Goodwood Revival:

Here’s a load of highlights from the St. Mary’s Trophy practice race, which unsurprisingly featured plenty of spins and slides in the treacherous wet conditions.

The rain and slippery conditions caught out Martin Hunt during the Kinrara Trophy race with his AC Cobra sadly smashing into the barrier.

Let us have a second to compose ourselves after this gut-wrenching crash during the Revival weekend…

Here’s Andy Newall losing control in traffic and slamming this rare, incredibly expensive Ferrari 250 GTO/64 into the wall during the RAC TT qualifying session.

The AC Cobras are certainly a handful and driver found that out with this incredible save during the RAC TT Celebration. That was a scary moment…

The RAC TT Celebration also featured this amazing spin for this Jaguar E-Type driver. His car spun around not once, twice but three times!

That’s how we feel after seeing this compilation of Can-Am and GT40 spins during the Whitsun Trophy, after a sudden rain shower sent cars flying.

The Richmond Trophy race on Sunday featured this bizarre moment when a Ferguson-Climax P99 shed a wheel just seconds after the race start.

The second part of the St. Mary’s Trophy included this big smash for Neil Brown’s little Austin A35. Ouch…

Also during the second section of the St. Mary’s Trophy, we got to see some absolutely amazing reactions from Dickie Meaden, who pulled off this epic save in his Alfa Romeo Giuletta Ti.

A Jaguar E-Type and AC Cobra got way too close for comfort during one race on Sunday and the two actually collided, spinning the Cobra off onto the grass.

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