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12 Must See Eau Rouge Videos

The F1 summer break may have been shorter than normal but that hasn’t made it any easier for us fans. The good news though is that F1 is back this weekend and it’s back on one of the most awesome circuits on the calendar, Spa-Francorchamps.

Spa has some epic corners but the mighty Eau Rouge (or Raidillon as nitpickers like to remind everyone) is like nothing else on the F1 calendar. Here are 12 videos that’ll get you even more pumped for the Belgian Grand Prix.

This insane sense of speed

Alonso’s save

Onboard from 1991-2013

Ricciardo taking it backwards

Villeneuve and Zonta’s dare

Webber’s pass on Alonso

This fan’s view in 2012

Alonso and Hamilton playing chicken


Villeneuve catching a slide

F1’s fastest cars from 2004

Massa passing Montoya

F1’s speed comparison with other cars

Found a video that should have made the list? Share it below in the comments.

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