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The 14 Best Team Radio Quotes From The 2016 F1 Season

The Formula 1 radio airwaves are always buzzing with interesting sound bites, with some hugely memorable moments from 2016.

The pit wall is where it's at
The pit wall is where it’s at

It’s been an eventful F1 season over the radio airwaves, as well as on track. From swearing rants, jokes and memorable quotes, there have been plenty of great team radio exchanges. Here are our favourites:

Romain Grosjean – Australian Grand Prix

    “Welcome to Formula 1, Gene. This is the day. This is history”

This was a really nice one to hear. After so much hard work and dedication from Haas F1, they arrived in F1 with a bang. Grosjean finished sixth in Australia and said this poignant quote on the team radio afterwards.

Lewis Hamilton – Bahrain Grand Prix

    “That was a sexy lap”

Describing a pole position lap as “sexy” means it must’ve been one hell of a trip around the Bahrain International Circuit. Hamilton was clearly happy with this one.

Sebastian Vettel – Russian Grand Prix

    “Oh I’m out! Crash! Somebody hit me in the f*****g rear, T2, Somebody hit me in the f*****g rear again T3.”

Whenever Vettel’s team radio icon comes up on screen, you know it’s going to be TV gold. Because it’ll either be moaning, whining, complaining, or swearing. Pretty much. He clearly wasn’t happy with Daniil Kvyat after crashing out of the Russian GP.

Sebastian Vettel – Spanish Grand Prix

    “F**k, if I don’t avoid that. He’s just going straight to my car. Honestly, what are we doing? Racing or ping-pong?”

How about another one, then? Here’s the now infamous “ping-pong” quote from the Spanish GP, after Vettel’s battle with Daniel Ricciardo.

Max Verstappen – Hungarian Grand Prix

    “I’m driving like a grandma.”

Another classic. And no, Verstappen wasn’t following Martin Brundle’s advice of hugging the apex like your favourite granny. This was during the Hungarian GP, when he felt he was getting stuck behind Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo – German Grand Prix

    “Esteban’s my favourite. I love this guy.”

You can’t help but love a nice, sarcastic radio message. Danny Ric wasn’t happy at all with Esteban Gutierrez’s blocking at the Hockenheimring.

Max Verstappen – Singapore Grand Prix

    “Woah! There’s a giant lizard on the track…. Yeah, I’m not joking! Out of Turn 3.”

No, he really wasn’t joking. There was actually a lizard. Red Bull’s pit wall got him back with “face to face with Godzilla there”. Brilliant.

Daniil Kvyat – Japanese Grand Prix

“Oh, the annoying octopus is back! It’s been a while. It’s quite a small one. It’s a baby octopus.”

No, we had no clue what Kvyat was saying during FP1, but apparently it was about a small piece of tyre rubber wrapped around his car’s antenna.

Sebastian Vettel – Mexican Grand Prix

“Are we safe? Can I go for a wee?”

This radio message in Q1 was absolutely hilarious, but there were controversial moments to come for Vettel…

Sebastian Vettel – Mexican Grand Prix

“Yeah! You know what, here is the message for Charlie: f**k off! Honestly, f**k off.”

“Honestly, I’m going to hit someone I think I have a puncture, rear left.”

The first part of this message was after the Verstappen incident and the second was after he clashed with Ricciardo. He went straight to see Charlie Whiting to apologise, after taking to the podium (following Verstappen’s penalty).

Max Verstappen – Brazilian Grand Prix

“Yep. Heartbeat went a bit higher there.”

We’re not surprised, after his dramatic save at the final corner during the race in terrible conditions.

Lewis Hamilton – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

“I suggest you guys let us race.”

“Paddy I am actually in the lead right now I’m quite comfortable here.”

Undoubtedly one of the most controversial and dramatic topics of the season took place at the final race, when Hamilton tried to back up Rosberg in a bid to take the title. It failed, but that didn’t stop him from trying and these radio calls to Mercedes (having been asked to speed up) proved that.

Nico Rosberg – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

“Thank you so much guys. That’s a childhood dream come true. Thank you so much. We did it, we did it!”

This one really got us in the feels, as Rosberg celebrated his first ever F1 world title. The second part of the message was actually in response to his wife Vivian, who congratulated him over team radio.

Williams waves goodbye to Massa after the Abu Dhabi GP
Williams waves goodbye to Massa after the Abu Dhabi GP

Felipe Massa – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

“I will never forget this moment, this team, this job. Thank you, all of you guys…”

‘Felipe Baby’ reacts to his final ever F1 race, thanking Williams after a rollercoaster three seasons with the team and a long career in the sport.

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