This 14 Minute Video Is Every Crash From This Year's Macau Grand Prix - WTF1

This 14 Minute Video Is Every Crash From This Year’s Macau Grand Prix

The Macau Grand Prix weekend is always a hectic, dramatic and memorable one. The Guia Circuit is notoriously tricky and with that comes frequent accidents and mistakes.

One error and you’re in the wall, most likely at high speed and possibly blocking the rest of the track too.

With touring cars, GT machines and Formula 3 racers and more series all competing over the same weekend, it’s no surprise this fails and crashes compilation of this year’s Macau weekend weighs in at 14 minutes long.

Of course, the video features Laurens Vanthoor’s dramatic crash that ended the GT World Cup race (which he, strangely, won) and the huge airborne shunt from the F3 qualifying race (to name just a few of the clips).

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