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15 Emotions All F1 Fans Feel Over The Winter

The winter is a tough time for Formula 1 fans, with no racing, a lack of news to keep up to date on and the constant countdown to the new season.

F1 and winter don't really go together...
F1 and winter don’t really go together…

Sure, F1 fans now have free weekends to make the most of, but what is a weekend without F1? Boring. That’s what.

We’re all constantly looking ahead to the new F1 campaign. All our Christmas gifts are F1 related but watching the annual season review DVD can’t quite fill the void.

Here are all the emotions F1 fans go through and feel over the off-season months:

It’s been a packed season of F1 action, full of drama and excitement. You’re still on a bit of a high after the F1 finale.

But then it dawns on you what’s about to happen…

Suddenly, there’s nothing. No F1 to watch, at all. What else is there to do?

It starts to get boring. And very quickly, too.

You browse the internet for F1 stories but there isn’t much around as the teams and drivers take some time off.

Apart from some cool and funny articles and quizzes on WTF1, which help distract you from the lack of F1.

You’re spare time is spent thinking about F1 and what it’s going to be like next season.

Christmas is a bit of a distraction and is a good time to relax and talk about other things for once.

But then you remember, there’s still a few months to go until F1 is back in business and that hits you right in the feels.

Once the New Year hits, the countdown properly begins as the new F1 season draws closer.

Motorsport starts up again and a few racing championships kick into gear, but nothing can match F1.

But then the car launches begin and it gets exciting again, as we get a first glimpse of what the new season will be like.

Then there’s testing. Even the pictures and session reports are enough to get us hyped for a new year of F1.

Lots of news and information is flying around, ready to be absorbed ahead of the new season.

And then F1’s back to racing again

Hurry up already!

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