Looking for a late Christmas gift for the Formula 1 fan in your life? Say no more…

Why hello there…

If you’ve got a crap-tonne of money lying around then good news! This 1992 Ferrari F92A is for sale just before Christmas.

We don’t know the exact price as it’s listed POA (price on application) but we imagine it’ll cost a fair bit to buy.

Jean Alesi and Ivan Capelli raced the V12-powered F1 beasts during the 1992 season, although the latter was replaced by Nicola Larini for the final two rounds.

This ex-Alesi beast is up for sale
This ex-Alesi beast is up for sale

It wasn’t the fastest car of the year, with Ferrari finishing fourth in the championship that year behind Williams, McLaren and Benetton.

But Alesi did score two podiums with the F92A. The one up for sale is the chassis with the most races completed of the 1992 season.

It spent a lot of its time as a T-Car, but Alesi did finish fourth in Brazil with it, before finishing third in Canada later in the season.

The chassis did take him to three DNFs too but despite that, it’s one of only three of its kind still running in the world.

Rear view...
Rear view…

So, the car up for sale is pretty special and has a decent amount of racing history behind it. The F92A also looks absolutely stunning too.

Despite its monstrous V12 engine (we’re not sure if it still has it, or if it is included) and good looks, the F92A was renowned for being pretty tricky to drive, in part due to its “double-flat bottom” floor.

It was a tough car to drive, apparently
It was a tough car to drive, apparently

In fact, Capelli once said in an interview it was the worst F1 car he raced. But, nevertheless, that shouldn’t put you off.

Because whether you want to drive it or not, the car will make an awesome centrepiece in your living room, or a great conversation starter in the reception of your office. It could also be a wonderful Christmas gift.

Interested? Check the listing page for more information...
Interested? Check the listing page for more information…

Who knows, it could have a variety of uses. It won’t come cheap, but you’ll become one of the rare few to own an actual F1 car.

There’s not much information on the actual listing, but there are some awesome images from Modena Motorsport. If you are interested (and have lots of money) maybe get in touch with them.