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This Race-Ready 1998 Benetton B198/01 Is For Sale

Ever wanted your own F1 car? Then good news, because this Benetton B198/01 is for sale!

This car was actually raced in Formula One by Giancarlo Fisichella and Alexander Wurz during the 1998 season and while it wasn’t the most successful of race cars, what’s special about this car is that it’s actually ready to race, not like most F1 cars for sale which are often show cars.


The B198/01 has a 740hp Judd GB4 4 litre V10 engine making it race-prepared for the BOSS GP series, a series where a whole range of single-seater cars race against each other on classic F1 tracks.

How much you ask? Well it’s price on request… oh come on, don’t pretend you were thinking about buying it.

Sale page here.

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