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A 2006 BMW Sauber Is Yours For Just £1 Million


£1,000,000 could buy you a pretty epic house or even half a McLaren P1 GTR, but if you’re feeling a little more adventurous then why not spend it on a Formula One car?

This BMW Sauber is the very one used by Nick Heidfeld during the 2006 season, the first year of BMW’s failed quest to reach the top of F1. But it was still a pretty impressive season with ‘Quick Nick’ scoring plenty of points finishes and a podium in Hungary.

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The car is up for sale on a Dubai auction site for 5,900,000 AED, which is just over a million pounds. But while the price is pretty steep, it does have a beastly BMW V8 engine and traction control. Oh and not forgetting the small fact that it’s an actual Formula One car.

Time to start saving up.

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