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2011 Review: A year in photoshops (Part 1)

The 2011 season has all been about the dominance of one man… yep, Sebastian Vettel. But he hasn’t stolen the limelight here at wtf1, where photoshop meme’s are regarded much more highly than race victories.

We’ve had a whole range of photoshop stars this year, from Alonso to Webber, and now we bring you the best from 2011. Enjoy.

Bahrain Grand Prix

After political troubles the Bahrain Grand Prix was never going to go ahead but if it had it would probably have been in tanks, this of course led to this inevitable photoshop.

Australian Grand Prix

After Petrov denied Alonso a podium in the opening racethis brilliant image appeared, featuring the well known Xzibit’s ‘Yo Dawg’ meme.

Malaysian Grand Prix


Vitaly Petrov was again the photoshop star after he launched his car in Malaysia. This ‘Dukes of Hazard’ ‘shop from CaptainJackSparrow was one of the best.

Chinese Grand Prix

When Jenson Button pulled into the Red Bull pitbox in China it led to all sorts of hilarious images. This one of him pulling into the NASCAR pitlane from rjtart was particually brilliant.

Turkish Grand Prix

One of the hot topics at the Turkish Grand Prix weekend was the brawl in a nightclub between Adrian Sutil and a Renault team member. This brilliant ’shop from pinnacle racing shows what the incident may have looked like.

Spanish Grand Prix

A picture of Nick Heidfeld jumping out of his fiery car in Barcelona led to all sorts of amusing photoshops. It was hard to pick the best one as they were all so brilliant!

Monaco Grand Prix

It was inevitable that this photoshop would appear after Hamilton’s rant in Monaco. NeiloMac did the honours.

Canadian Grand Prix

When the Canadian Grand Prix revealed some rather odd pitlane boards it was only a matter of time before someone replaced Rosberg’s with Britney Spears.

European Grand Prix

With 6 wins and 2 second places from the first 8 races, it wasn’t only Mark Webber who was feeling like this.

 British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix saw Alonso not only win the race but become the new photoshop star after his hilarious face when running after the drivers’ parade truck. MarioKart used the image as well as the Heidfeld meme to make this hilarious gif.

German Grand Prix

Get picture of Alonso riding on Webber’s car in Germany. Replace head with rollercoaster Alonso. Job’s a gooden.

Part 2 coming tomorrow!


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Which is your favourite photoshop from the year? Have your say in the comments.

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