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2011 Review: A year in photoshops (Part 2)

It’s time for Part 2 of our 2011 F1 season in photoshops. From Hungary to Brazil we’ve had Heidfeld riding horses and Kobayashi wearing shades… you just wouldn’t find this rubbish anywhere else.

Click below for the final part of what has been a great year for F1 photoshops.

Hungarian Grand Prix

Button wins his 200th Grand Prix, so who was the star of the race… Heidfeld of course. Another comedy jump out his burning Renault led to a whole load more photoshops including this jem from norden.

Belgian Grand Prix

When FormulaOneHumour photoshopped Vettel in a superman cape on the Belgian Grand Prix podium you couldn’t think it could get any better… until chillyturned it into one of the funniest F1 gifs ever. Keep watching.

Italian Grand Prix

Liuzzi wiping the field out at the start of the Italian Grand Prix led to this brilliant ’shop from rjtart.

Singapore Grand Prix

After Kamui Kobayashi banzai-ed it over the curbs in Singapore, fillern craeted this spectacular poster of Kamui in Star Sauber Wars.

Japanese Grand Prix

Kobayashi again being his usual insane self. Anonymous made great use of the ‘Deal with it’ meme for this one. 

Korean Grand Prix

For McLaren’s 700th race in Korea DracoN edited the poster slightly to feature a crashed McLaren from Lewis Hamilton, a sight all too popular in 2011.

Indian Grand Prix

It was no surprise that Massa and Hamilton were the subject of photoshops after yet another collision between them. pinnacle racing created this image of Lewis laughing at Felipe coming worse off in the incident.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Sometimes the simplest of photoshops* are the best. This one from Dinnerwurst of Vettel drawing himself in 2012 is nothing short of hilarious. *probably used MS Paint.

Brazilian Grand Prix

A Mark Webber victory can only mean one thing. Photoshops of his crazy podium celebration. This one from DBXdarkangel has him riding on a bull statue.


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What was your favourite photoshop of the year? Have your say in the comments.

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