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2014 Formula One Winter Testing Told Through Memes


If you’ve missed what’s been going on in winter testing… well, you missed the most chaotic start to a season in years but don’t you worry! You could spend hours scrolling through testing times and fuel loads, or you could let WTF1 round up all of 2014 winter testing in meme form.

Who’s hot and who’s not? Let the memes do the talking.

The Most Interesting Team in the World


Just like the last big regulation change in 2009, it looks like the team from Brackley are the team to beat again. The Mercedes engine is clearly the best, so it’s no surprise to hear that the works team laid down the benchmark in testing.

Suspicious Williams


As is always the case with testing, you never quite know who’s glory running or sandbagging. Williams seem to be back to their best and some even think they can win races but are they just glory running?

Successful McLaren


After their worst season in history, McLaren seem to be back. With the right engine in the car and their former team principal disappearing off the face of the earth, things seem to be looking up for McLaren.

Not Bad


Sauber and Force India… well, they were just their usual midfield selves.

Bad Luck Toro Rosso


The big talking point from testing was Renault, who seem to have dropped the ball massively. Toro Rosso will certainly be regretting their switch from Ferrari.



And of course there’s Red Bull. Not only do they have the supposedly useless Renault engine in their car, it can’t seem to do more than a few laps without setting fire. Oh dear.

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