With bigger wings and wider tyres, next year’s F1 cars are definitely going to look a whole lot cooler. The major changes are detailed in this video with Mercedes Engineering Director Aldo Costa, who says that next years cars will be around three to four seconds a lap faster than they are at the moment.

Most of the lap records on the F1 calendar were set by cars from 2004 and 2005 – a time when there was a tyre war, and when the cars had massive amounts of aero and powerful V10 engines. At some tracks the current generation of F1 cars are already getting close to some of those lap times (in qualifying at least), mainly because of the massive acceleration and speed given by the current hybrid power units.

That means that next year some of those lap records could come under serious threat, which would make the 2017 cars the fastest of all time. Now that’s something to be excited about – let’s just hope it can help make the racing better as well!