Current Formula One cars are seriously quick. You perhaps wouldn’t know it with the constant complaints about engine noise and how boring they are, but take a look at the lap times this year and you’ll see they are properly, properly fast.

Despite this though, F1 have felt the need to beef the cars up even more next year with huge old-school looking tyres and improved aerodynamics, something Pirelli’s Marco Tronchetti Provera thinks will make the cars a massive four-and-a-half seconds faster!

“In the coming season, the cars will be 4.5 seconds per lap faster according to our calculations,” said the Pirelli Chairman in this interview with Speedweek.

The new look Formula One cars have gone down hugely well with fans but they don’t just look great, 2.5 seconds of lap-time will come from the new wider Pirelli tyres and a further two from the more aggressive looking aero.

If that’s the case, we might even see records set during the 2004 season broken. Wowza!