This 3-Seater Orange Arrows Formula 1 Car Is For Sale

Don’t you just hate it when you want to take your F1 car out for a spin but your mates want to come along too? Well now there’s a solution! For the low low price of…errr…actually it doesn’t say, (£P.O.A means cheap right?) you can have not one but TWO three-seater Arrows AX3s.


Built in 2001, these cars were designed in order to give passengers a better experience of the speed and forces provided by F1 cars than previous two-seater designs.

Just think what you could do with them – you could take the kids to school, go shopping, or become the world’s coolest Uber driver. It’s a pity they didn’t crop up for sale earlier, Sauber could have done with a couple of these in 2015…

via Racecarsdirect