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6 Of The Biggest Moments From The Portuguese Grand Prix

Okay, everyone. Take a long deep breath and relax. I think we have just witnessed one of the best races of recent years and oh my goodness is there a lot to talk about. Let’s take a look at the best moments from the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Hamilton becomes the GOAT

Lewis Hamilton took his 92nd F1 victory today, making him the most successful driver in Formula 1’s 70-year history. Insane. Despite starting on pole, it was not a simple light to flag finish, as you will read later, but as ever Hamilton managed to make it work. 

We saw one of the craziest race starts 

If you didn’t jump up from your sofa and shout at the tv at that race start, you are lying. What an incredible few minutes that was. We knew it would be tasty, with most of the grid on soft tyres apart from the front two of Bottas and Hamilton, but we could never have predicted that. 

In a twist that we never saw coming, Carlos Sainz took the lead of the race. Yep, you read that correctly. The man who started 7th, jumped into first position past the two Mercedes and even the Red Bull. Even Max said post-race, he didn’t know how he did it. 

Verstappen and Perez tangled on Turn 4 on the opening lap, sending Perez spinning off the track and to the back of the grid and Verstappen able to continue. After an investigation during the race, it was deemed that no penalty was necessary. 

Other notable moments from the start include Kimi Raikkonen who managed to go from 16th to 6th. Fair play, Iceman.

Leg cramps couldn’t stop Hamilton

Once Hamilton took the race lead from Bottas on lap 20, he complained on radio that he was suffering from cramps. Turns out these cramps came from his right calf, but Hamilton – being the legend that he is – even went on to set a fastest lap just moments later. 

Is there nothing this man can’t do?

Lance Stroll had a shocker of a weekend

He missed the last race after being unwell, but Stroll’s return to racing didn’t quite go to plan. After an incident with Verstappen on Friday’s running, he had a poor qualifying and even in the race he seemed to have a sense of déjà vu when he collided with McLaren’s Lando Norris into Turn 1. 

The crash, which stewards gave Stroll a 5-second time penalty for, caused a lot of damage to Stroll’s car and it was eventually decided that Stroll should pit and retire the car later on in the race. 

We had some rain

The rain gods flirted with some showers during the race, with rain starting to fall at the start, but as ever no ‘proper’ rain seemed to make an appearance. 

Wind also affected many of the drivers, and on this newly-resurfaced low-grip track, it certainly made for entertaining racing. 

Naturally, heavy rain is expected to fall straight after the race. Typical.

Albon’s future at Red Bull looks non-existent 

He started 6th and ended the race being lapped by his teammate and in 12th. Ouch. 

Team Principal Christian Horner said before the weekend that Albon had two races to prove his worth to the team. If anything, Albon has done the opposite and further damaged his reputation at the Red Bull team. 

Unfortunately, it looks like this could be the end of the road for Albon. Unless he manages to score a shock win in Imola next week, I think we will be eminently saying goodbye to Albon in both Red Bull and F1 in general. 

What did you think of Albon today? Let us know in the comments.

Lewis Hamilton became the GOAT © XPB
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