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7 Of The Funniest Mark Webber Moments

Throughout his career Mark Webber has been involved in more than his far share of drama, and looking back there can’t be many drivers who have given us so many funny moments or quotable lines. Having recently announced his retirement from racing, here are seven of the funniest Aussie Grit moments.

Canberra Milk kid

Pretty much every advert featuring an F1 driver falls under the ‘so bad it’s good‘ category, but Webber’s turn in the spotlight is surely the gold standard. Maybe there’s a singing career waiting for him after retirement?

Kids these days…

The 2007 Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji could have been so much better for Webber. After a bout of food poisoning caused him to throw up in his helmet he clawed his way back to the front and had a shot at victory, only to be taken out by Sebastian Vettel while behind the safety car. He made his feelings about his rivals abundantly clear in an interview afterwards.

Webber does a Shoey

Mark showed he was a good sport at Spa this year when he did the podium interviews. Daniel Ricciardo did a shoey and invited his countryman to join him. He wasn’t having any of it a few races later in Malaysia though – and who can blame him!

Not bad for a number two driver

This quote has almost come to define Webber’s F1 career (or at least his Red Bull years). At Silverstone in 2010 Webber was infuriated when the team took their new front wing off of his car and gave it to Vettel, whose had broken in practice. The whole incident fired up the Aussie and after seeing off Vettel on the first lap, took victory, after which he uttered those famous words. He always was good for a soundbite.

Overly dramatic voiceover

Webber’s first win at the Nurburgring in 2009 was saw a huge outpouring of emotion as he finally took the win he thought might never happen. Webber eloquently expressed his delight at winning by screaming “YEAH! FUCKING BEAUTY! YES YES YES!” and then bursting into tears over the team radio, but Fox Sports turned the whole thing into a bad movie trailer with this ridiculously over-the-top intro to their coverage. I cannot believe this is meant to be serious.

‘The Webber leap’

When Webber won the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2010 he celebrated with a massive leap once he got to the podium. It ended up being photoshopped to within an inch of it’s life, with his expressive face and video game-like pose fitting perfectly into a number of situations. You could say it was the original F1 meme.


Bowing out

Rubens Barrichello made pretending to slip on the podium his thing, but when celebrating on the podium after his final Grand Prix, Mark actually did slip over. Oops!


With any luck we’ll get to see Mark continue his punditry work, but once he rounds out his final season as a professional racing driver I’m sure he’s looking forward to nothing more than kicking back with a bottle of something and enjoying whatever comes his way.


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