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8 Hilarious Reactions From Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff

Whether he’s letting out his anger, expressing his relief, or shutting down a TV reporter, Wolff’s reactions are always worth watching.

It’s no surprise some of them have been remixed, turned into memes and hit the headlines. He’s just so expressive and always speaks his mind, which is great.

His reactions also make for pretty hilarious viewing sometimes – here are some of his best in F1 so far:

Wolff was not impressed when Sebastian Vettel emerged from his pitstop ahead of Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton at the 2017 Australian GP. In fact, he was so angry, he turned to slamming his fist on the desk in anger.

Of course, Wolff’s reaction sparked some brilliant remixes and memes. These are just too good not to include…

After the controversial 2017 Azerbaijan GP, where Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton collided and Hamilton then had a loose headrest, Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz attempted to interview Wolff and get some juicy quotes. But, Wolff didn’t like the angle of the questioning and completely shut Ted down. Ouch!

Another brilliant garage reaction from Wolff. After Hamilton handed P3 back to Valtteri Bottas on the last lap, Wolff reacted like this. We’re thinking he’s happy the swap took place. But, Niki Lauda didn’t look so impressed. The way they just stare at each other is absolutely frightening.

“Are you allowed to say shit on TV?” No, Toto, you’re not. But you just did… he’s a bit unpredictable when interviewed so you never really know what he’s going to say. This is the perfect example…

We’re not actually sure what race this GIF is from, it’s probably from around the 2015 season, but he definitely doesn’t look impressed. At all.

The fist smashing into the table from the 2017 Australian GP wasn’t the first time this reaction made an appearance. We already saw it at the 2016 Austrian GP, after the two Mercedes drivers clashed on the last lap. Amazing stuff.

A rare positive reaction, Wolff and the Mercedes garage were clearly delighted in this GIF from the 2016 Singapore GP.

What’s been your favourite Toto reaction? Let us know in the comments below!

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