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8 Videos That Prove Just How Awesome Rallycross Is

The weird and wonderful world of Rallycross is one of the craziest motorsport categories out there. It pretty much never disappoints with its manic, fast-paced action. Here are some clips that prove just that.

That overtake tho

Kevin Eriksson’s insane, drifty overtake around the outside of three cars at this year’s supercar final in Germany has to be one of the best passes in recent times. He went on to win the race and, with that overtake, our hearts too.

Mad jumps

Joni Wiman and David Higgins went side-by-side over a jump during the Red Bull Global Rallycross final in Los Angeles, with the former putting in an unusual overtaking attempt when his Honda basically landed on top of Higgins’ Subaru.

Amazing recovery

Tord Linnerud’s recovery after being spun into the wall at the start of this FIA World Rallycross heat in 2015 at the Hockenheimring was absolutely ridiculous, he barely lost any time at all!

Controversial move

This onboard footage shows Timmy Hansen chasing down Mattias Ekstrom at the 2015 Swedish FIA World Rallycross round. He controversially passed him for the lead at the final corner but would later be docked a position for the move, giving Ekstrom victory.

Crash landing

This Rallycross crash in Germany from 2012 is the perfect example of just how crazy the motorsport series can get, with a car smashing into another and practically jumping over another.

Getting some air

During heat three of the Holjes RX round in 2015, Anton Marklund’s Audi was scarily pitched into the air and onto two wheels after contact with another car before returning to earth with a bump.

On the limit

Petter Solberg has proved to not only be a brilliant rally driver, but also a pretty damn fast rallycross racer too. These practice laps from the 2015 Montalegre RX show just what a talent he is.

Flip and fire

Ken Block’s GRC race in Barbados ended with a dramatic and fiery flip at the final corner as he battled for the lead.

Just Rallycross things.

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