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A 2023 F1 Seat For Piastri Could Be Announced In Just A Few Weeks

Oscar Piastri is undoubtedly hot property for an F1 seat at the moment. After winning the F2 world title in 2021, the Aussie is more than deserving of a seat in F1. But who’s going to give it to him? 

Despite acting as the reserve driver for Alpine, The Race reports that Piastri is closing in on a Williams seat in 2023, with the announcement potentially coming before the end of this month!

Alpine has been unable to graduate Piastri into their own F1 car due to the commitments they have already made to their two current drivers.

With Esteban Ocon locked in an Alpine F1 seat until the end of 2024, and Fernando Alonso continuing to produce solid results whilst seeking a contract renewal, it makes sense that Piastri should go elsewhere.

It has not been confirmed which driver Piastri could partner with for 2023. Still, judging off this season’s performances alone, Alex Albon will likely re-sign with Williams with no option to return to Red Bull after Checo’s recent contract extension.

Nicholas Latifi, on the other hand, could be in a spot of trouble 😬

If talks continue to go well, The Race suggest Piastri’s move could be announced the week of the British Grand Prix.

We’ll be waiting!

We’re excited to see what the young Aussie can possibly do in F1 next year! 

17 thoughts on “A 2023 F1 Seat For Piastri Could Be Announced In Just A Few Weeks

  • If Williams are in a position where they don’t need the Latifis’ money anymore, makes it happen! An absolute no brainer!

  • Hassan Jassan says:

    Williams is always gonna choose money. The driver that brings most money is gonna get the seat. Last season it was between Nyck de Vries and Albon. Red Bull brought a Bag of money to take Albon. So it was an easy choice.

    So unless Alpine is gonna pay for a seat for Piastri he won’t get a seat. Unless Vettel or Alonso retires i guess.

    • Piastri is young and on a hot streak behind the wheel , with dortion investments becoming higher and higher each year it is possible that Oscar may get the seat just off his merrit alone , we’ve seen william’s do this before where just having talent alone has pushed contracts over the line , alpine are going to back him as they dont want to lose him he’s the future after 2024 and with their hopes of being in the top seat by then and oscar becoming a need in paddock i do believe that he can and most likely will get the seat

      • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

        Might be interesting, especially as Mercedes has indicated they want to supply engines to 2 teams rather than 3.

      • If we are going to run with this narrative then
        Williams with RB/Honda powertrain (using Albon seat as a bargaining chip) would be a lot more preferable.

  • Speedy_Gonzalas says:

    Haas will be looking to replace Mick. Alfa Romeo may replace Joe if he doesn’t improve this year.

    • Zhou ain’t going anywhere lol. He brings in too much money, and he has the potential to be a solid mid field driver. In the last 4 races, he has had to retire the car three times due to reliability issues, so his record is not representative of him as a driver so far, really. That save in Monaco was insane, the potential is there.

    • Mick wont be replaced this year , he is extremely marketable and has various ties to what they call the ferrari seat at HAAS , Zhou is same with mick extreme marketable especailly in China and Asia a market that F1 cruicially needs and nets 30 million for the team alone , they are both having very rocky early season but keep in mind there lower brackets season were riddled with stops and holds and limitations and now they both have extremely well performing machinery im excited to see how the two go on in canada a good track to find what you want out of your car.

  • Vincent McMurray says:

    Get Latifi out of there. Daddy’s money only helps one get to f1. But that’s not enough to stay.

  • Ryan T. Eberly says:

    Can you imagine Elon Musk buying his way onto the Yankees roster? And he would get to play, he would strike out every single at bat. And he’d cost the team points for a championship, and he kept doing it every year. That’s Latifi. Like yeah… technically you’re playing with the best in the world but, you’re not actually competitive and kind of an embarrassment to the sport.

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