A Couple Of F1 Fans In Singapore Allegedly Bribed A Security Guard To Let Them Onto The Track – WTF1

A Couple Of F1 Fans In Singapore Allegedly Bribed A Security Guard To Let Them Onto The Track

There are some circuits where getting on to the track isn’t just allowed, it’s practically encouraged. However, not everywhere has the attitude of, say, Monza, and some places employ teams of security guards specifically to keep people off the circuit – even when there’s nothing going on.

Singapore is one of those places, but this couple managed to sneak on anyway. According to a post on Facebook (which has since been taken down), they allegedly bribed a guard to let them on to the circuit and have their photo taken.

Understandably, the race organisers aren’t too happy about this and have launched an investigation into what happened. A spokesperson said:

“The safety of our patrons is of utmost priority and we view the allegation of bribery seriously. We are working with SRS, the appointed security agency assigned to the reported area, to investigate the claim.”

Oops. What probably started out as a harmless bit of fun could now turn into something much more serious. Singapore isn’t exactly the most lenient country when it comes to minor crimes either and these two could be facing more of a punishment than they’d bargained for.

This isn’t the first time there’s been a fuss over unauthorised access to the circuit in Singapore. Two years ago a fan somehow managed to wander onto the track during the race and spent six weeks in prison for the pleasure.

Worst of all however was last year, when an unapologetic lizard walked onto the circuit during a practice session.

Since then security has been upped so much that regular lizards who just want to go and enjoy the race can’t do so without being constantly harassed by the the lizard police. It’s a real pity for reptilian F1 fans across the world.

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