A Flip-Flop Company Will Sponsor McLaren's Halo At The Australian GP - WTF1

A Flip-Flop Company Will Sponsor McLaren’s Halo At The Australian GP

There are plenty of jokes to be made about the Halo, but perhaps the most obvious of all is the comparison to a flip-flop. McLaren has played up to that brilliantly with a new deal which will see the logos of lifestyle clothing and flip-flop brand Gandys featuring on the Halo at the Australian GP. No, really.

On top of that, Gandys will sell a limited edition run of ‘Halo-design’ flip-flops, which resemble the livery of the MCL33.

It’s not all just a big joke, though. Gandys is a charitable organisation which donates a percentage of its profits to the Orphans for Orphans foundation. 100 per cent of the profits from the Halo flip-flops will go to the charity.

Oh, McLaren. Hasn’t had a proper title sponsor for years but then comes up with an incredible one-off deal like this. Now, when can we get our hands on a pair of those flip-flops?

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