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A Formula 4 Race In Sepang Had No Finishers

The Formula 4 South East Asia championship is in Malaysia supporting Formula 1 this weekend, and thanks to yesterday’s drain incident the series ended up having its schedule adjusted to fit in all the races.

That meant having to back-to-back races on Saturday morning, and although the first race was pretty standard, the second one ended with the ridiculous scenario of nobody reaching the end.

The race was running normally until a couple of laps from the end, when four cars stopped on track. On the next lap three more cars stopped, leaving just the one car of Kane Shepherd running on the last lap behind the safety car, which had come out because of all the stoppages.

But then coming out of turn two Shepherd coasted to a halt as well, leaving the safety car to take an unchallenged victory.

The results were counted back to the end of lap seven (since that was the last time anyone actually crossed the line) and Shepherd was declared the winner. But what happened?

With two races happening so close together, it seems there was a miscalculation made on the amount of fuel needed to complete both races. And because all cars in this series are maintained by a single team, it meant that every car was affected.

Carlos Sainz was certainly amused!

Is this the most surreal race of recent times? It’ll certainly take some beating, that’s for sure!

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