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A Load Of People Got Triggered By One Of Nico Rosberg’s Tweets About Alonso

With not a lot going on during the Canadian GP, 2016 champion Nico Rosberg turned to Twitter to answer fans’ questions. Most of them were pretty standard, but when he was asked whether Alonso should be up racing the front, he didn’t pull any punches with his answer.

Considering some of the mind games Rosberg appeared to play and the way he retired right after winning the title, his comment didn’t exactly go down well with some fans.

Not everyone went into a fit of blind rage, though – some people agreed with him, whilst others were simply amazed at his sheer honesty.

Oh yes, the Kimi comments. Nico also gave his opinion on why he thinks Kimi Raikkonen is having such a bad season and he was just as frank.

Whether you agree or disagree, it’s great to have a world champion (who isn’t Jacques Villeneuve) coming out and being so open and honest with his opinions. More of the same in future please, Nico!

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