A School Bus Somehow Got Onto The Track During A US F4 Race

A round of the US Formula 4 championship at COTA had to be red-flagged after a school bus found its way on to the circuit

If you’re racing in Japan, seeing a bus on the circuit isn’t all that strange thanks to the awesome concept of the circuit safari.

But a Formula 4 race at the Circuit of the Americas last weekend had to be stopped after a school bus inexplicably showed up on the track at turns five and six as the race was still going on.

Yep, that’s a bus casually driving across the track in the middle of a live race.

Luckily nobody was passing at the time and the bus pulled onto the run-off area, at which point the field did stream past.

Organisers say they don’t know how or why the bus got there, but understandably the race got red-flagged so that it could safely return to the infield.

Madness. Utter madness.