Here’s Adrian Newey’s Aston Martin Hypercar The AM-RB 001 – WTF1

Here’s Adrian Newey’s Aston Martin Hypercar The AM-RB 001

This year Red Bull Racing revealed a partnership with Aston Martin which meant the famous wings logos now adorn the RB12 and some Red Bull personnel get a much cooler company car than they did when Infiniti were sponsoring them.

The exciting part of the link-up however, was a new Aston Martin hyper-car designed by F1 genius and Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey, and today it’s been revealed…

rbamNot many details have been revealed about the AM-RB 001 yet. What we do know however is that it’s a mid-engined, petrol-electric hybrid… and it’s been hyped as being really, really, freaking fast. So fast it could give LMP1 cars a run for their money.


So you want one? Of course you do. Well good luck, as only around 100 are going to be produced and you’re probably going to have to sell your house and family to afford one.

Also Daniel Ricciardo already has his eyes on one, joking that the delay in his new Red Bull contract was due to him trying to negotiate one of these.

You just would wouldn’t you?

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