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Albon Feels The FIA Need To Explain Intent Behind Political Statement Ban

One of the biggest stories of Formula 1’s 2023 off-season has been the FIA changing the wording of its rules regarding “political statements” within the sport, now requiring written permission from the governing body before a demonstration can be made. With many drivers having already given their two cents on the change, Alex Albon is the latest – and he admits it’s brought some confusion.

In an interview with the media during Williams 2023 season launch on Monday, Albon spoke openly about seeking clarification on the FIA’s changes: 

“We need clarity from the FIA on what they’re trying to tell us. On a personal side, it is somewhat confusing, even for you guys maybe it’s the same.

“We were very much for ‘We Race As One’ and all these situations and now it seems like F1 or the FIA are trying to go away from that. So we need to see, it’s clear we just need to be open in dialogue about what they’re trying to do.

“Of course we need to be able to speak freely to a certain extent and I’m sure we’ll get clarity about what they’re really trying to say by the statements or press releases [in the regulations].”

In a follow-up when asked if the drivers have discussed it between themselves, Alex seemed to suggest there had been talks – but was wary of offering up much detail.

“I don’t want to say too much but of course with who we are and the media and just the…engagement we have with fans and people who watch F1, a lot of people come to us and look to us as spokespeople for issues around the world.

“I do feel like it’s a responsibility for drivers to make people aware of these kinds of situations, so it is a beast, it is hard as drivers to see what they’re trying to say. But let’s see.”

I suspect Alex isn’t the only one awaiting further clarification from the FIA as to where the sport stands in terms of pushing for social change.

Are you also confused as to where the FIA stands on political stances?

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