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Alfa Romeo Have Taken A Weird Approach To Naming Their Car This Year

We all know how numbers work. Right? Which is why we’re slightly stumped at Alfa Romeo’s decision to jump from naming their car C39 in 2020 and then to C41 for 2021. We’re no Albert Einstein, but we think you’ve missed a number there guys. However, there is a reason.

The team confirmed that they are holding a launch for their new 2021 car on Monday 22 February; essentially announcing an announcement. The launch will be in Poland, home to title partner Orlen, and make them the first team on the grid to confirm their car launch for the season.

Alfa Romeo already revealed that they are retaining the driver lineup of Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen for this season too.

alfa romeo will continue with the pairing of Antonio and Kimi ยฉ XPB Images

So, on to this unusual naming of the car.

Since rejoining the F1 circus in 2019, the car’s name has been in numerical order, carrying on from the Sauber days. What started as the C38, then became the C39 in 2020. You get the idea.

Which is why when Alfa Romeo expressed their excitement to share their new C41 with the world next month, lots of us were left scratching our heads.

Apparently, the C40 name is being reserved for 2022 when the new regulations come into place. Confusing right? Well, the big regulation change was meant to come this year, so the ‘new regs’ car had already been named the C40.

Make sense? No, we don’t know why they didn’t just rename it either.

All we know is that it will make for a cracking pub quiz question ten years from now.

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  • John Campbell says:

    Chevrolet already own the C40 name for one of their trucks – so this could be a similar situation to the one Ferrari faced a few years back when they wanted to call their car the F150, a name already used by Ford

  • At least it makes more sense than Ferrari’s numbering scheme, which changes every time there’s a day in the month ๐Ÿ™‚

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