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Alonso Has Been Absolutely Savage About Honda’s Power Unit

You probably all know by now just how terrible pre-season testing has been for McLaren. Reliability problems have hit most days in Barcelona but luckily they’ve got a cool and calm driver like Fernando Alonso…

He said WHAT!?

Oh well it’s not that bad I guess. Surely that’s the worst of it?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

“I don’t think we are too far back in terms of chassis side,” Alonso added, “We have only one problem: that is the power unit.”

“There is no reliability and there is no power. We are 30km/h down on the straight, every straight.

“So when you are 30km/h down on every straight it is difficult to have a feeling on the car.”

A look at the speed traps also make some embarrassing reading for McLaren. The fastest Mercedes power unit hit 338.5 km/h, Renault 331.2 km/h, Ferrari 327.2 km/h and Honda… 312.1 km/h.

Looks like it could be another long and painful year for McLaren fans.

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