Alonso Chats With Le Mans Legend Jacky Ickx – WTF1

Alonso Chats With Le Mans Legend Jacky Ickx

Ickx is one of motorsport’s great all-around drivers, racing (and winning) in pretty much everything over the course of his long career. Alonso is now embarking on something similar as he chases the triple crown and although he’s not the only driver who’s spreading his racing wings, he is the most profile.

Ahead of the race Ickx and Alonso sat down for a chat, speaking about the challenges of racing a closed-cockpit car, passing GT drivers, and the differences of racing now compared to Ickx’s era. Fernando even offers to try and help get Jacky a seventh Le Mans win.

It’s not often you get to see two legendary drivers just sitting down and chatting and it’s great to see the mutual respect between them.

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