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Alonso Explains The TEN MINUTE Discussion That Secured His Aston Martin Contract

Fernando Alonso has outlined the extents of his talks with Aston Martin before deciding to make the switch from Alpine for 2023– revealing that it was the result of only a ten-minute chat on the phone.

It turns out, when you’re a two-time world champion with over 20 years of experience in F1, job interviews are quite easy and it’s as simple as just telling the team what you want!

Despite all the drama unfolding around the announcement, Alonso has insisted that the talks were surprisingly laid-back, speaking in an interview with F1TV.

“Everything started when Sebastian announced his retirement on Thursday. I had a telephone call with Aston on Thursday evening we sit down we agree on something we sign on Monday, and we announced on Monday.

“They asked if I had a contract with Alpine for next year, I said no, not yet only talks until now and they said, ‘what do you want?’

“I said my requirements, they fulfil all of my requirements, they show me the project, the people that they took, the new facilities. So yeah, it was a 10-minute talk.”

Hopefully, Fernando’s words of wisdom can inspire those drivers yet to secure an F1 seat for next season… 

3 thoughts on “Alonso Explains The TEN MINUTE Discussion That Secured His Aston Martin Contract

  • He sounds pretty straightforward, but the back story is that Ocon, Otmar and Rossi at Alpine had a vested interest to pair Ocon with Piastri and probably wanted it this year, so by getting Ocon to achieve sudden and inexplicable race finishes that were ahead of Alonso, after he was around 1-2 seconds a lap slower than Alonso during free practice and qualifying sessions over the past few months, made Alonso’s decision a virtual formality to leave them suddenly a few weeks ago.
    Otmar has a strong history with Ocon at Force India, and Rossi seems to like to dismiss a proven double world champion, and a former quadruple world champion over the past 6 months, so this regrettably causes people like Otmar to pretend as if his head is buried in the sand, but in reality he is getting dictatorial business instructions from Rossi. The rot always starts at the top, that rot is Laurent Rossi.

    • yeah, it is absolutely mind boggling to see alonso at LEAST a second a lap faster than Ocon throughout FP1 to Quali and then have Ocon finish near or ahead of Alonso in the race. And it’s not race pace. It’s alonso pitting early INTO traffic or late after he has lost 10 seconds extending his run… Ocon has made on average 4 positions through the midfield just by undercutting perfectly every time. And i mean, Alonso is usually the lead of the ‘rest’ pack… not like he is being hampered by those behind him… it’s just always weird when he pits. Canada was the worst

      • That is a fair description of what has been going on in races, but I think there is more to it than meets the eye. In qualifying Alonso has also seen Ocon suddenly gain up to 2 seconds in Q3 and qualifying ahead of him at the last 2 race weekends at least, but Alonso has managed to finish in front of Ocon in those race weekends. There has been clear reliability and strategy calls which look dubious against Alonso, but the sudden changes in qualifying speeds between the two drivers is more than dubious, and dare I say it, constructive sabotage against Alonso. If Alpine had just let both drivers qualify and race without hidden intervention you would see that in authentic points gained this season. Allied to the fact that Alpine had been procrastinating and not giving Alonso an extended contract for 2 more years, it is clear that Alpine are a ruthless manufacturer who want to bulldozer their way to success.
        Alain Prost was very unhappy with the way Rossi had constructively dismissed him 8 months ago, and the way the Alpine engine was unreliable when it was run at a higher speed on the dynamo, so all in all, I think this manufacturer has tarnished itself amongst those in motor racing now.

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