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Alonso Has “Given Up” Trying To Follow F1’s Constant Rule Changes

Formula One have been faffing about with rules and regulations more than ever recently. Just yesterday they changed the rules on track limits having only tinkered with them the previous day.

Then there’s the u-turn on team radio rules, lifting the complex radio ban rules just a few races since Nico Rosberg was controversially penalised at Silverstone when Mercedes told him how to fix are car problem.

But it’s not only the fans that are growing tired of F1’s constant tinkering, double world champion, Fernando Alonso is also getting fed up.

“I don’t care. I give up,” said Alonso when asked about the changes to team radio. “They can tell us what we need to do in every race. We know things change from race to race and now we are back to the rules we had about a year ago, more or less.

“I think at Spa it was when they got tough in terms of radio and so on, and it looked as if the championship and the races were going to be super spectacular, and nothing has changed. It’s even worse, so we are going back.”

As for track limits, the McLaren driver says he won’t waste anymore time learning the rules as they’re probably going to change anyway.

“The same with the track limits. There were track limits, then this morning there weren’t track limits, now it seems there’s three strikes.

“So tomorrow when I go out during qualifying I’ll ask them what I have to do and I’ll try to not waste any more time.”

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