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Alonso Says It Was Important To Keep Lewis Behind For Both Ocon And Verstappen

Fernando Alonso gave us some of the best driving of his F1 return today. His defensive driving with Lewis Hamilton left most of us with our jaws on the ground and in total awe of his masterclass. It was spectacular and was needed to help his teammate, Esteban Ocon, win his first-ever F1 race. 

Speaking to Ziggo Sport after the race, Alonso said he tried his best, but it might not have been just Esteban he wanted to help out. 

“I knew that it was hard to keep Lewis behind. It was important for Esteban in order to win the race because Hamilton was coming very quick. 

“But also, it was important for Max [Verstappen]. So, I tried my best.”

Perhaps Alonso just wants a championship battle that goes down to the line race. Maybe…

In another post-race interview with Sky Sports F1, Alonso elaborated on his battle with Lewis Hamilton on track.

“I didn’t know that was enough to hold the victory for Esteban. It was ten laps till the end. We tried to hold fourth position, but it eventually wasn’t possible. Lewis had an amazing pace at the last laps, and it was not enough.

“Honestly, I think that Lewis was making small mistakes in the last two corners because he had so much pace. You cannot take eight laps to pass with that pace advantage. In fact, after changing a few lines, he could pass Carlos immediately one lap after. It was not difficult to pass, in my opinion, but he took four or five laps to figure it out, but that’s my opinion.”

It’s been a big day for the Alpine gang, though, with their first win as a new constructor in F1 and with a Frenchman winning for a French team. 

Très bon Alpine! 

13 thoughts on “Alonso Says It Was Important To Keep Lewis Behind For Both Ocon And Verstappen

  • Selwyn Bachan says:

    Vettel’s disqualification hands Hamilton 2nd place. In racing, you do need luck along with talent. Hamilton has them both. Verstappen has been aggressive as well they should, but when something goes wrong, there should be no crying.

  • So I guess max needs all the help he can get to beat LH and Merc first change the rules for the car allow dangerous driving then enlist other teams to help out what next pay off the officials beginning to wonder how only LH got covid last year.

    • Michael Williams says:

      And Hamilton needs needs help to beat Max with teams orders for Bottas to let him through at Silverstone

  • Intentional blocking of a faster competitor would not have been permitted in the early days of F1.

    The drivers themselves would not have permitted blocking – a waved blue flag meant BE PREPARED TO BE OVERTAKEN.


  • Peace Keeper says:

    So Alonso wasn’t a good driver and probably not a podyum material.
    He was ready to crash himself and his car to prevent Hamilton from fighting for the first place. He was driving like a mad man with [email protected] wish.
    Great sportsmanship

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