Jenson Button has stepped in and replaced Alonso at McLaren for the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, while the Spaniard is off racing the Indianapolis 500.

We definitely weren’t expecting to hear Alonso’s voice over team radio at all in Monaco, but – amazingly – he managed to speak to Button just before the start.

Live from Indianapolis, Alonso spoke to Button over team radio as the British driver waited for his pitlane start, while the rest of the pack were on the formation lap.

It was amazing and hilarious to hear, Alonso telling him to “take care” of his car and Button joking he’ll “pee in your seat”.

We haven’t heard anything like that happen before in F1, and it must’ve been reassuring for Button to hear from Alonso just before the start.

Here’s the full conversation:

Alonso: “Jenson, my friend. I am sure you wanted to hear my voice before the start of the race. I wish you the best of luck, I am following you here on television. You did amazing yesterday.
Button: “Ah, thank you”
Alonso: “Please take care of my car.”
“Button: “OK, I’m going to pee in your seat”
“Alonso: “No, please. Have fun, you did amazing yesterday.”
Button: “Cheers man, you too buddy, have a good one”.

Aw, that hit us right in the feels.