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Alonso Thinks Hamilton Had Things “Too Easy” This Year

A few days ago Fernando Alonso had a bit of a dig at Sebastian Vettel, saying that it “didn’t make sense” that he’d won more championships than Hamilton.

With Hamilton securing the championship in Mexico that’s no longer the case, but Fernando is still keen to stir things up a bit, and this time has taken a bit of a shot at F1s newest four-time champion.

Even though Hamilton and Vettel were neck and neck for much of the season in what should have gone down as a classic title battle (but didn’t, because Ferrari and Vettel imploded), Fernando thinks that because Lewis hasn’t had to deal with Nico Rosberg in the other Mercedes this year, he’s had an easy run to the championship.

“It was very easy this year, no opponents. Last year he had Nico until the last race, fighting every single race. This year was too easy. Mercedes four races to the end constructors’ champion, Hamilton three races before the end drivers’ champion.”

That’s the complete opposite of what Hamilton said – he claimed that this has been his hardest championship to win so far. So who’s right? Neither of them, probably!

Fernando also said that the awesome battle at the end of the Mexican GP served as a reminder to Lewis that he’s still got it, and hopes that getting Renault engines next year will put him in the fight at the front.

“Hopefully McLaren-Renault will change this easy time for them. I think he knows [how good I still am], he knows. He knows also how strong the McLaren car is in the corners, he saw also today. I think next year hopefully we can give a little bit harder time to him.”

We’re all hoping to see that, Fernando – then we’ll find out whether you’ve been telling the truth this whole time, or whether you’ve been getting our hopes up for absolutely nothing.

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