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Alonso Thinks It’s “Sad” That F1 These Days Is So Predictable

Chances are that not everyone is going to be happy when Liberty reveals its intentions for the 2021 rules this weekend. One thing I think everyone can agree on is the need for races to be much closer with slightly less predictable outcomes. Alonso certainly feels that way, and in the Thursday press conference said that closer racing should be a high priority because things have been the same in F1 for ages:

“I think it could be a closer battle. That would always be welcomed, but it has always been like that in F1. I remember watching TV in the very old days. On TV last week, [there was] a race from 1990 or 1989, and apart from the first four cars everyone was lapped. But we remember that year like a golden era, with big names, etcetera but they’ve always been a big spread.

“If you see now other series, it you watch a race of IndyCar with an unpredictable result until the last 10 laps, it makes you excited in front of the TV. Now we can put out the qualifying order for this race on the Thursday and that is a little bit sad.”

Ross Brawn has been working on a solution to the current overtaking problem and it’s believed that F1 will reveal a new car philosophy for 2021, as well as other things that should close up the field, like fairer distribution of monies and potentially a cost cap. Alonso has faith in what’s being done, saying that drivers have had input from the start:

“Definitely Liberty has been quite open to us from day one and they have been asking us all last year about opinions and different ideas that we may have.

“They were very productive conversations, so I think now they have a plan. They will show tomorrow to the teams and we will agree whatever the decision is because they have all the power and all the knowledge of how to do things. Hopefully they bring new ideas and new things that can improve the show and that will be welcome from all of us.”

Kimi Raikkonen doesn’t care as much about the future, but Valtteri Bottas echoed Alonso’s thoughts, saying:

“I think, like everyone, all the spectators, all the drivers, we would all love more closer racing like Fernando said but how to do that? It’s not in my hands.”

Sergio Perez is a third driver in favour of closer competition and claimed that its something that all the drivers are hoping for.

“We’re going to be quite strong, we’re going to be quite united as well. We want to be working together with F1 to improve the show, to bring the whole field a lot closer. More competition in F1, I think it’s what the sport needs, and all the drivers are up for it. Whatever we can do to help, we will be up for it.”

Everyone united in favour of a common goal? Are we sure this is actually F1 we’re talking about?!

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