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Alonso Thinks The V10 Era Was The Best Time For F1

Fernando Alonso recently took to the Yas Marina Circuit in his old title-winning R25, deafening the entire paddock in the process and providing us with some serious FOMO. Speaking exclusively on the WTF1 Podcast, Alonso explained how driving that car reminded everyone of what ‘pure F1’ really was.

Talking about having the chance to drive his beautiful 2005 title-winning car again, Alonso said the experience made everyone in the paddock remember what an unprecedented era for F1 it was (as well as deafening them and making post-qualifying interviews impossible).

“To drive this car again was a recall for everybody of what F1 was,” he laughed about on the WTF1 Podcast.

“It’s what got us in love [with F1] when we were kids, in front of the television and hearing those engines and those revs. [I am] extremely lucky to drive that kind of car.”

Joined on the podcast by fellow F1 legend Rubens Barrichello, the two exchanged their views on the V10 era and how it was the “pure and best moment for F1.”

“It was amazing,” Fernando continued.”I think I talked to Rubens [Barrichello] about this as well, but we were lucky to live in the best era of F1.

“I think the V10 and all the manufacturers there – Toyota, BMW, Honda, Ferrari – were all in that moment with great sponsorship and great races.

“That was the pure and best moment for F1. Not just for the show on-track but also off-track.

“Pure F1.”

You can listen to the full interview here:

Do you agree with Fernando? Share your favourite era of F1 with us in the comments. 

Fernando Alonso testing the R25 at the 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
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