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Alpine Boss Says Contract Drama Will Follow Piastri For His Entire F1 Career  

Although we DEFINITELY enjoyed all the drama surrounding Oscar Piastri over the summer break, we can imagine it was a monster headache for Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi. So it’s no surprise that he’s still not happy about what he sees as betrayal. 

“He grew up in this team,” Rossi told Auto Motor und Sport. “He knows everyone in our team. We’ve shown our commitment to him. Shouldn’t he be a bit grateful for that?”

As Alpine’s reserve driver, Piastri was set to take the place of Fernando Alonso for 2023. Or so Alpine thought. But after an internet-breaking announcement and a long-winded legal discussion, he jetted off to McLaren instead. 

“Oscar would do well to be fast and deliver results next year,” Rossi added. “But even if he becomes the new Michael Schumacher, this story will stick with him forever.”

As a former F2 champ, Piastri is definitely a driver to watch in 2023, partnering Lando Norris to make a scary combo at McLaren. 

But, with so much pressure on him to perform, who knows how he will get on?! 

Rossi continued to slate Piastri’s handling of the situation, adding: “There is no excuse for Oscar’s behaviour. He has chopped off the hand that fed him and played with us because any draft contracts were not submitted on time.

“There was nothing murky about it. He just used this excuse to look elsewhere.”

Was Piastri in the wrong for deserting Alpine? Or was he right to jet off to McLaren? 

7 thoughts on “Alpine Boss Says Contract Drama Will Follow Piastri For His Entire F1 Career  

  • Wow.. Cope harder Rossi. I doubt he’ll have any issue signing new contracts unless he fails miserably performing in the McLaren.

  • Richard Jackson says:

    I get why this guy is pissed for sure, but at the same time get your professional shit together.

    The inability to confirm and lock down contracts led to this possibility.

    Side note becomes McLaren need to deliver a competitive car. Don’t care who is driving it, but these days even superman can’t polish a turd into a win like perhaps was possible long ago. Cars that aren’t fast won’t win, regardless of which up and coming superstar is at the wheel.

  • And the last driver you promoted was,..
    Oh, yes, that’s right…
    you don’t promote your driver’s, wonder why his very smart manager looked elsewhere?

  • Laurent Rossi will be haunted for the rest of his career as the unprofessional contract delayer and blame shifter , instead of admitting his shortcomings he finds it safer for his ‘career’ to deflect the blame away to Piastri for being assertive in actually agreeing to a contract that was put into his hands! Perhaps Rossi was in talks with another driver and was only going to promote Piastri if his priority deal fell through which could have been the risk he took and then he ended up with nothing. 🤣

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