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Always ‘Something Going Wrong’ Says Leclerc After Strategy Disaster In Hungary

It’s getting hard to count the amount of painful Grand Prix weekends that Charles Leclerc has had to go through this year, but this one was a standout!

After qualifying third and showing good initial pace, it was all sunshine and rainbows for Leclerc as the Hungarian Grand Prix reached its halfway point – and then he put the hard tyres on…

Although that might not sound particularly strange, it was an interesting call to make, considering other drivers further back in the field had nothing nice to say about the grip and pace the hard tyre was providing.

Daniel Ricciardo said it was like driving “on ice”!

Speaking to Sky Sports, Leclerc was just as confused as the rest of us.

“We need to speak with the team and understand the thought behind putting the hard because I felt very strong on the medium, everything was under control, and yeah, for some reason, I don’t know why we needed to go on the hards.”

Leclerc had “made it clear” that he wanted to stay on the medium tyre for a longer stint, but the team decided to go in another direction.

The switch to the hard tyre was “a disaster” in Leclerc’s books and is ultimately the reason the Monegasque driver had to surrender another 25 points to Max Verstappen, who now has an 80-point lead in the drivers’ standings.

Speaking to F1 TV, Leclerc added, “we just need to get better at putting everything together because I always feel like there’s something going wrong and we need to get on top of this.”

Another crushing blow for Ferrari. Could they recover after the summer break?

13 thoughts on “Always ‘Something Going Wrong’ Says Leclerc After Strategy Disaster In Hungary

    • Sven Steinert says:

      at this rate, they would even lose the title if max wouldnt race at all. leclerc has won 3 races out of 13 while he should have won at least 4-5 more because they have the fastest car. this discrepancy is very obvious. ferrari will not recover from that, because to do so, they would need to fix the whole team. there are so many things going wrong that its hard to find even where to start

          • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

            It is the only good thing about the strategy. 🙈

            But making a clean house wouldn’t be a horrible thing I guess. Even tho it will take sometime before they get there things together.

            I think because of this, Ferrari will not challenge for a championship this era of F1.

          • I agree, they’re not able to challenge for the championship until they quit making these mistakes.

            Not sure if Binotto is the true problem, I think it’s more likely a strategy team wide issue. maybe cleaning house would help, but it’d be hard for them to get back on their feet.

          • Kristan Overstreet says:

            Nothing except as an expression of contempt and exasperation that someone so blatantly incompetent seems to have better job security than an American corporate CEO.

          • understandable, but ad hominem attacks aren’t okay. We can express frustration with his (and the rest of the Ferrari strategy team’s) abominable decision making without stooping to insulting his hair. All it does is insults anyone else with hair like his.

  • As soon as I saw the hards going onto the Ferrari, I’m like “Oh crap, here we go again, another mess up.”

  • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

    If this keeps up he will start looking for somewhere else.

    When Lewis quits he might to get in his car.

    • darthwalker231 says:

      That will be so awesome to see. He can also replace sergio at red bull, although it is very unlike redbull would go for 2 alpha driver combination.

      Currently mercedes is the only team where both drivers are capable of winning championships. I do not believe sainz Or sergio have what it takes win a championship.

  • This weekend Ferrari effectively conceded both titles to Red Bull and Max. The strategy calls keep getting worse every race weekend.

  • I’m going to lobby he move to Mercedes when Lewis retires. Ferrari is wasting his talent, in my opinion.

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